Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chef Ak in action - Sambal Kerang (Cockles)

Sambal Kerang (Cockles)

Method and Ingredients
1. Fry garlic and onion
2. Mix chili paste with light soy sauce and sugar
3. Add in mixed chili paste and water
4. Off the heat and add in cockles
5. Stir fry to mix well

Kangkung Belacan

Method and Ingredients
1. Clean and cut the Kangkung
2. Heat up the oil and fry the garlic and shallots
3. Add in sambal belacan and chili paste
4. Throw in Kangkung and fry until cook
5. Add some sugar

O Kui Tou rice

Method and Ingredients
1. Fry garlic, dried shrimp and shallots to fragrant
2. Add in soak slices of mushroom and chicken chunk
3. Add in o kui tou and fry for 5 minutes
4. Add in oyster sauce, dark and light soy sauce and a tsp of salt
5. Stir fry to mix well
6. Add in 1 large bowl of water and wait until it boiled
7. Transfer it into rice cocker with clean rice in it
8. Press the cook button

Corn soup with Szechuan vegetable

Method and Ingredients
1. Cut corn, 2 tomatoes and Szechuan vegetable
2. Cut 2 tomatoes into 8 slices
3. Sliced a few Szechuan vegetable
4. Throw everything into a pot of water and bring it to boiling
2. Add in salt to taste and simmer for another 20-30 minutes

This is the first time that the O Kui Tou rice failed me. It is only 80% cook! I am started to think that the rice cooker is up to his limit already. It all started when I cook tomato rice. Maybe his time is up. I steamed it with wok but this time adding in water. Luckily the result is good. Haha..

I love the rawness of the Sambal cockles. It's still juicy when you bite it. The cockles easily overcook, so you need to watch the heat. It's preferable to turn off the heat once you throw in the cockles. You just need to stir and mix it well.

Kangkung belacan is a little too spicy but I still love it. The soup is good too. Man, it's already been over a month plus and I still love to cook. A good or bad sign?? Macam Si lai!


syy said...

Congrats, Adrian Si Lai! Seems like your cooking skill is improving each day. I also need to learn from you leh. Hmm, maybe I should try your O kui Tou rice this weekend and the corn soup too. My son love corn very much.

a simple working mom said...

offcourse good sign. Must continue!
Mr. Si lai..

Adrian Khoo said...

Wah lau.. ada supporter ni. Wahaha.. But decoration is still not there.

daph said...

Good for sure. Then I senang liao...Dearest Si Lai...Wahahaha...